Welcome to The Unmutual

What is the Unmutual? Well it is a site that I have not yet started working on. Why,
well I already have way too much crap to do and this is not one of them.

The history of the Unmutual is from the BBC Television Program "The Prisioner". This
show was an intresting show except for the screwed up final episode where it got stupid
weird. Story and characters were great, as was the rolling cast, well except for
Patrick McGoohan who was "The Prisoner". When ever some of the prisoners, including
Patrick McGoohan's character did something that the keepers didn't like, they were
deemed "Unmutual".

So now you have the history. I'm Unmutual and such here is the start of "The Unmutual".

I have a few other sites that are not related to this, if you like Automotive stuff I
have been pluckying away at -


GTSparkplugs.com is a site where I work on my automotive projects, including my 7.3L
Power Stroke Diesel Excursion, 1965 Mustang Fastback Race Car, Cobra, GT40, Aston
Martin, and lastly my Sunbeam Tiger. It has a variety of projects for all of the
vehicles, exploded parts, tool reviews and a bunch of very useful automotive
calculators for such things as wheel and tire offset, Gear Shift Points, etc. Check it

Also don't forget the matching FLog (See if you can figure out what FLog stands for...)


The FLog has a random collection of Automotive and other unrelated crap in a simple
wordpress blog format. It's a bit more interactive then the GTSparkplug site, comment
and post if you find the time!

Remember : I am not a number, I am a free man...
The Prisoner
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